am. (hotrodhearts) wrote in she_rocks_hard,

Do you play guitar/bass/drums: guitar and bass.
What brand do you have: Ive got two handmade acoustic guitars, an ibanez electric guitar, a yamaha electric bass and a wasburn electric bass.
How long have you been playing:bass- four years. guitar- three years.
Who inspired you to play: bass- alaine from the devotchkas. guitar- kurt cobain and james hetfield.
Who are your favortie female bands/ female fronted bands: the devotchkas, bikini kill
Do you think your a feminist: I know Im a feminist.
Do you have a band: not anymore. Im a promoter.
if so whats the name and whos in it:
If you could go back intime and meet a famouse female who would it be and why: bettie page. because she was fucking beautiful. and gwen stefani, tragic kingdom era and earlier, because I love her attitude from those days.
Who would you want to meet now: alaine <33
Are you a chick who Rocks??:: there's a lot of rockin' in me.
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