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*New Member*

Brief Description: Danielle. Almost 18. Bisexual. New York City. Music Style = extremely eclectic. Talented. Passionate. Sarcastic. Athletic. Honest. Dorky. Mature and Immature at the same time... ha, good times :)

Check out my userinfo if you wanna know anything about me!

Anyway, I can KINDA play drums, I mess around on bass, and the only thing I know how to play on guitar is tabs, so I guess I don't really ROCK HARD :( I do play a mean alto saxophone though lol. But yeah. Even though I don't really play a hardcore instrument or anything like that, I *write* music. I have written different types of songs for my friends bands, including songs that can fall into either the emo, ska, punk, pop-punk and even rock/metal genre. I guess I'm able to do this because I know a bit about music theory, and most of the times I hear a kick ass riff/chord progression in my head, run to my keyboard to figure out how to play what's in my head, and then transpose it for different instruments. But yeah. I wish I was cool enough to play an instrument like guitar... my band would rock :P

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do you feel you're above the survey or something?
Relax - I didn't know there was a survey that was mandatory :/

Is it really a big deal?
**Once you join the community please fill in these questions**

why not just do it?? It's kinda rude to just avoid the rules.
I didn't avoid it on purpose, I simply forgot. I'll go fill it out now and post it later...
I think that it would be nice to politely ask someone to fill out the survey...just an opinion. :)
I'm not a polite kinda person.
Okay. Whatever floats your boat! :)