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(Name)Rhiannon Andrea (Ray OF Sunshine)
(Age) 18...almost 19 :-/
(Do you play guitar/bass/drums)a little bit of drums and guitar...a lot of bass
(What brand do you own) Yamaha bass RBX270
(How long have you been playing) Three years
(Who inspired you to play) um...josie and the pussycats movie...and Dance Hall Crashers..that and i've always wanted to be an musician
(Who are your favorite female bands/chick fronted bands)-Dance Hall Crashers, the breeders, veruca salt, Dressy Bessy, Bikini Kill, Jack off Jill, Save Ferris, Republica....too many favorites
(If you could go back in time and meet a famous female who would it be and why)- Geez...um...any female...i guess Karen Carpenter...she has a beautiful voice
(Who would you meet now)either girls from dance hall...or Kim Deal of the breeders...i love her..she writes awesome music
(Are you a chick who rocks)harder than you know \m/(-|-)\m/

MY OLD BAND...the good old days

P.S. Friends are nice...add me?
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