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I havent written much here. Maybe I should. I play guitar. I had a band. We recently broke up. I was upset. We had a cool female fronted thing going on and our singer was great. Alas, she didnt want to do it anymore. So we broke up. The bassist and I were quick to form a new project. Guy singer this time. He's cool. We need a drummer. Ill let you know our name soon as we get it. Living Insane was one suggestion

Whats a good song to learn on guitar? anyone know.

Oh.... also

She rocks pretty damn hard --------->

Dont recognize her? what about here?------->

Shes an actress in the movie Elf and some other stuff.

I was watching Elf and it came to the scene where the character Jovie and Will Farrel or Buddy, are singing the duet "Baby its cold outside" and I remember when I saw it in the theaters I was like "Wow, that voice! its amazing!" I wondered if she was lipsynching. Well, she wasnt. Its her voice. Her name is Zooey Deschanel. What a cool name huh? She has quite an intresting background. But anyway, her voice is amazing, very 40's and 50's warm fuzzy thing going on. Kinda like a Nora Jones thing going on but cooler. more hip. You have to hear the song to kinda grasp it. But she has a great voice. I wish she'd put out an album or something cause we need her kind of talent in any scene. Whats even cooler is that she plays ukelale (yea i dunno how to spell it :-P) in a band called If All Stars Were Pretty Babbies! how cool! Man, shes my new favorite actress. Im trying to find the song on an MP3. You should too. and check her out. and the movie elf, cause it rocks!
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